By Amber & Kritika
Date: 06-06-2021
Poetry Style: Free Verse

The deprivation fractured us detached, yet the love, the glue, binds us in conjunction; as a flower in the desert, we blossomed in the savagely conditions and clasped onto every morsel of rain just to remain alive and survive.

The trail of tears forming a caterpillar, crawling on the pale skin, absorbed by the arms of the comforter: the pillow; witnessed by the night, waiting for the sunlight to dry and provide courage. 

Hardship perceived, immune to time, a caged bird now appreciates the revealed beauty of freedom and sensory illusions; conflict and chaos molded the art of today. Yet the devil sometimes finds work for the unoccupied mind.

But deliquesce; over time its agonizing vibrancy develops hues of a peaceful sea, of which the tides only rise when it is the need. 

Shards of a vanquished universe coalesce dusts of fugitive destruction and chaos; verbal hemorrhages oozing from the pen amidst metamorphic dreams built from the foundations of a resilient soul.

Contriving in eclectic shapes and forms; aesthetically the shards undress to unruffle the imbalanced state.

Naked and stripped, chaos and order coalesce, intermingling stitched equilibrium residue to be in touch with joy and pain as though they were dual twins of the same; for every torment encountered, a counteracting faith at the helm.

Welcome its rage with pride and honor; extend your hand to transcend your warmth and transmute it into love; add vibrancy to the quality of life while accepting its devilish nature.

2021 Copyright
All rights reserved by the Author
and the Collaborating Author.

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    1. You are right. We chose to write alternatively. I am happy that you enjoyed the collaboration Cheryl πŸ™‚ Hope you are doing well. (hearts)
      Are you moving out without masks?

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      1. Yes, it was a little scary, but liberating. Some places, like doctor’s offices, still require masks, so I always have a couple with me. Have you gotten your second shot? Robert will get his second shot soon, and then maybe we could go out to eat for a change.

        I don’t know what vaccine you are getting, but with Moderna, you are supposed to be fully immune two weeks after the second shot.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The second is due this month end but have decided to get it done next month due to the floating news about the vaccine of which I took the shot. Its Covishield here which is Oxford-AstraZeneca but locally manufactured.
        That is great really. Hope you two enjoy a lot after Robert gets the doses. Hope he is doing well.
        Take Care Cheryl!

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  1. A work of art! Really wonderful to read this. Awesome lines throughout! Like this: “The trail of tears forming a caterpillar,” ; and this: “a caged bird now appreciates the revealed beauty of freedom and sensory illusions; conflict and chaos molded the art of today.” Great collab!

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