Alien World

By Kritika
Date: 16-06-2021
Style: 100 word story

‘Did you not take the pill?’, the miffed Doctor asked. ‘I told you to take one and do not think about leaving the place. Was once not enough? Could you please explain?’

Warren Wong @ Unsplash

Keeping the tablet on John’s desk, ‘Is not this photo yours? Are you eager to announce your secret of being a human?’

John (leaving the microscope): ‘You can easily get it erased. Coffee? Do check out the new development. And sorry it was an urgent call from my planet.’

Doctor’s eyes looking at the changes in John’s DNA. ‘Congratulations! Hopefully you can walk like us soon, Doctor John.’

2021 Copyright
All rights reserved by the Author.

In response to the photo prompt by Sadje: What do you see # 86 June 14, 2021 – Keep it alive (

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