the poetry book; ‘Arete’ by Kate

Heartiest Congratulations to Kate who is the author of the book: ‘Arete‘. I have been reading her work since the time I began to write, I believe. It delights me to say that I had the privilege to read her work. Thank you much Kate for sharing with me this precious gift.

The acute yet neglected issues which the world suffers from in large, exists in an individuals life i.e. at the micro level. Unheard, leave a scar which with friction deepens that wound and the world suffers together. Capturing those minute details and presenting them aesthetically is what Kate does. She just writes it all and it hits the heart. I have been reading her work since I began here on WordPress and I have gathered that she knows everything. A great help from a far through words is magic and she does that magic. Her words would hit the heart and head.

There is so much about Kate that you would need to pick the book first. I bet it would not leave your head to ponder and do something.

The photography by the author herself is mesmerizing. The way each photo has been captured would make you to fall in love with the beauty around you. The capturing of the charisma is not an easy endeavor but Kate does it. She is calm and patient and I adore her in every ways.

The links are attached with the names mentioned in the first line. Click on them for more information.

February, the 24th. 2022
Book Review

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8 thoughts on “the poetry book; ‘Arete’ by Kate

      1. Doubt it will, ppl aren’t interested in ‘free’ things, guess it needs a dollar value to pique their interest! But really appreciate your post, thanks 🙂

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      2. I’m not on social media, so nobody really knows me … I understand one has to be quite ambitious and spend money to have success, and that wont be me 😦


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