oh woman, why do you forget yourself?

why is it that you forget yourself in the ruins which you accept to have become. the lone speechless, harmless world engulfs the truth hiding behind the frozen walls. heat which only the love for self can melt that lives where, nowhere is found.

the ones who told you fairy tales existed are the ones who have not lived a life detailed in any fairy tale. and what are fairy tales? are there no lows, or the showcase of highs glitters like gold? they are for you too seed ‘hope’ which never leaves the air within you, yet you abandon it with love.

oh woman, what are those tears for? why are you not able to make them strong? what has the world not given you? why are you weak in the world’s arms? oh it only is trying to make you strong. knowing you already are yet your words are whispers which fade away like virga.

let them rain not by spoken words but actions. the percussion of each drop should reverberate inside every body making it shiver.

Date Written: 25-04-2022
Style: Free Verse

For Yoga: https://valorousbird.wordpress.com/the-yog/
For Paintings: https://www.saatchiart.com/tanvikritika for ‘Digital Paintings’
For Photography: https://www.eyeem.com/u/unmarked_broken
2022 Copyright. All rights reserved by the Author.

7 thoughts on “oh woman, why do you forget yourself?

  1. What a beautiful and empowering poem! Love it! ❤ I especially liked "your words are whispers which fade away like virga." I liked it even more when I looked up "virga," which was unfamiliar to me. 🙂 Kritika, you have taught me my new word for the day!


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