a gust of lust by bree and kritika

touched by freedom
while inhaling the tranquil sea
the bikini clad body, electrified by a need
eyes looking at eyes filled with an awaited desire
the water between his hands and her breasts
aroused the fire

the wind in her hair 
salt on his lips 
earthy elements beheld in tandem 
they were waves in motion inching towards the shore 
closer, closer the pull to be closer 
the primal need became a roar 
they needed to touch and do so much more

a gust of lust, a churning ache 
the two connecting amongst the break 
and drowning in each other 
under the love found there 
between sex and salty water 
and the tranquil sea air

Bree of Secret Thoughts Within

Thank you so much Bree for this beautiful work together. It always is a happening affair to work with you. That much awaited to be posted, poem.

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It isn’t hard but the priority of the moment. Tried a several times to click on the login button to let the thoughts land at there rightful place but could not make it happen then.

Poetry is where was a question a few weeks ago until the selection of a fresh poem for an anthology last week gave me hope. Thank you to Navin Ji from https://navinspoetry.com/ who always update me about the opportunities and motivate me to submit to suitable platforms. The first two lines of the selected one and I would surely inform on when will it be published.

wounds tickled
melted onto your shoulders

‘And I Healed’
The Anthology

A newsletter on Yog ‘A Few Pages’ is a new path which started a month ago, November 2022. Researching, pouring in my own analyzed thoughts and writing a few lines has brought a great change in my expression. With the help of a Yoga teacher, whom I met in Rishikesh in March 2022, I upload this newsletter every week on my Instagram Yoga Blog. Below is the cover page of the last Volume which is 1.4 for the month of November.

Being a Yoga Instructor, I am commencing a mini studio ‘The Yoga Lair’ which is a room on the first floor in my parents’ house. A small step towards growth. If you are in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India; do visit the studio. Attend a session for free.

This is about me. How about you? Oh yes, I recently went on exploring the Pink City of India, Jaipur. It is beautiful. Look below:

Would like to go in detail about this trip. Seeing a lot of writing in my path which is an exciting affair. Thank you for staying in touch with me. A post is awaiting to be posted since…a last two months? The collaborator of that post would be drinking wine while reading these lines.

I am sure to start with reading your posts sooner. Might be after this post gets published. Find me around buzzing your tabs and phones with my comment notifications.


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