sorry to self

wronged by own thoughts
imagination on wheels
pinched the ending of every meet
nothing exists in the roots of this seed

confusing signs pacified into sweet memoirs
the other signaled a dance of love
pair of eyes sparked when they met
poetries in metaphors became the feathers of dove

only my side embracing me
holds no strength and integrity
because it is me and only my memories
created with innocent purity

now palatable is the heart and soul
between it was something known
though the other never had any open door
me and myself is sorry to the only self- known


Since March’22 I have been trying to know that ‘something’ and today felt like ‘nothing’. Might sound sad but its poetry and it is a savior.

Copyright 2022. All rights reserved by the Author.


reading to me…

just me and you
with work in hand
and posted to end
words inched my ears
soothing became your voice
learning it surely is
but more to it feels within me

rhyme feels to be dull
after crossing the path
becoming seems to be one
inevitable moments last
marks left beautiful
etched on the lifes line
synced are the thoughts
future is gracious
my intuition sums right

feels not just to me
but to you too the dance will become one
the fingers intertwined sewn tight
mixed aroma of the distance
only slower needs to be this jazz
softer goes the route of romance
petals whistling…



Copyright 2022. All rights reserved by the Author.