become numb

thumb, sliced with the edge of the blade
slapped, cheeks red and caged
compared, obeyed to the rage
doubts on self, raised

why? born for whom? for what?
under tyranny when the surroundings are
dominant the male is praised
such miserable is the human race?

scars exist not nor can they be undone
overtime they only become cold and numb


For Paintings: for ‘Digital Paintings’
For Photography:
2022 Copyright. All rights reserved by the Author.

14 thoughts on “become numb

    1. It will never go away. Narcissists exist and this will take a lot longer as the deep-rooted thoughts are not easy to erase.
      I am trying to live life to the fullest possible for me. Thank you so much kindly for the encouragement. Its hard to find people who actually look through you and appreciate you.
      I have never been appreciated until I started this blog. Gave me strength.

      Liked by 1 person

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