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Valorous Bird

flapping her wings to write ks' heart

December 18, 2022

  • cry

    just some drops to let me know i am human enough to feel the otherswords of encouragement become a crownand i pray to give to each the same happiness with which i am adorned some do touch my heart whichmelt me and make the teary soul of mine, smilewords are not always swords and i… Continue reading

About Me

Nothing helps me to feel; to feel that my presence is significant, and I am born for more. Trying is the better thing I rely on. Questions I carry many to which the answers slowly unfold with each passing moment bringing me closer to my unique self. A human lover, a believer of bringing a greater change in lives of the ones who would find that bond with me, a self-motivator because none knows who I am except for me and on a path which my heart wants to follow. The name is Kritika.