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Valorous Bird

flapping her wings to write ks' heart

December 19, 2022

  • dark over light

    light beautifies the darkdark beautifies the light We prefer not the dark because its dark and a taboo of it being negative is attached but without it would these magnificent structures look this marvelous. I often wonder why some people hate dark. Do you too? Why? Namaste Copyright 2022. All rights reserved by the Author. Continue reading

About Me

Nothing helps me to feel; to feel that my presence is significant, and I am born for more. Trying is the better thing I rely on. Questions I carry many to which the answers slowly unfold with each passing moment bringing me closer to my unique self. A human lover, a believer of bringing a greater change in lives of the ones who would find that bond with me, a self-motivator because none knows who I am except for me and on a path which my heart wants to follow. The name is Kritika.