Photograph by Kritika

lamp held tight
path looked bright
armored beauty in sight
curiosity mighty might


Copyright 2022. All rights reserved by the Author.


The never to leave ‘patience’ resides in me since long. Must have been along my side from childhood. Only the elders curse makes me impatient.

A lot of work is involved when you start something of your own. Patience is the key but the impatient parents.

Announcement to commence from 1st December is done. Patience has given me fruits which I cannot describe, nor I want to. I hate explanations and if you cannot understand my actions, why should I care to express them with words. Moreover, it’s not a matter to be discussed with people who themselves are confused in their lives. (My analysis of thirty years). Not their fault.

I am available, a platform for you is available to give yourself an hour. Meditate, be you, do yoga. So many options to spend your time here at my place. A mini yoga studio: The Yoga Lair.

It takes acceptance of the me and the becoming happens only when the now me is preparing, practicing for it.


2022 Copyright. All rights reserved by the Author.


become numb

thumb, sliced with the edge of the blade
slapped, cheeks red and caged
compared, obeyed to the rage
doubts on self, raised

why? born for whom? for what?
under tyranny when the surroundings are
dominant the male is praised
such miserable is the human race?

scars exist not nor can they be undone
overtime they only become cold and numb


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2022 Copyright. All rights reserved by the Author.