Agatha Christie Luxury Care Home for Former Sleuths: A Mystery Challenge

by the light of the moon shining through a broken window he saw the body, still dressed in an evening suit and face down on the bed. The sight of the body and blood on the pillow was quite a shock and he screamed loud enough to wake the whole house, not that anybody was asleep...’

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My Entry:

Vanessa Fisher faked her death in order to write a novel like ‘Then There Were None by Agatha Christie’ and leave for the property in New York. She got the idea of the new novel when Mr. Snodgrass was introduced to the inmates which prompted her to commit the murder.

“I have known something for some time and yet did not speak out. I know I should have done and not doing so was wicked. I hope I can now make amends and confess all I know and then I can rest in peace.”

The letter says there is more and then only she will rest in peace.

Miss Marbles gave her all the information about the inmates and so she collected all the clues and like a mystery novel spread it across the room. She knew she would not be a target as it would be an easy take and Monsieur Parrot would find it out which will cancel her chances of being the guilty.

Dr. Whatsup though can also be under suspicion as the fire poker is the murder weapon and it was in his hands the dinner night. He was enraged by Mr. Snodgrass who had formed a new rule of smoking outside the premises.
But stronger is Vanessa Fisher’s as her body has not been examined yet.

I received a total of 8 points from 19 and 3 points included for my creativity and uniqueness for including some of the clues.

Pleased to tell you that I also received a Runner-Up position and £10.00 Amazon coupon.

Thank you Rory for accepting my last minute entry.

Hope you enjoyed my tale similar to Agatha Christie’s: AND THEN THERE WERE NONE (The Poem)

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The Sound of Brilliance is Live!

My last post on the anthology was My First. The pleasure of being in a book for a person, who writes, is exemplary. The enthusiasm is curtailed due to the current times but I know I would treat myself a good meal once the situation gets better and I am vaccinated. I sure am going out on a date with self.

I cannot thank you much Susi Bocks of IWriteHer. Your encouragement and support prompted me to submit the poems which you selected for this anthology. Your hard work made it possible for a person who was nowhere thinking about being in a book. You are the key to unlocking one of the greatest achievements for me to be one among the most prestigious poets and writers. Hugs and Love.

Read them now in hand or eBook, whichever mode suits you. You know what I still am unable to believe that my words made it on this anthology which is available on Amazon now. Links for both the formats are below:


Grab your copy to enjoy the pleasure of words weaved in different styles by different poets. I am going to have mine soon.

Be patient all is coming to you.

Kritika- Valorous Bird

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The New

‘Facing the ocean, I do not want to gaze at its vastness but dive, to touch and feel its beauty.’


Cannot changed to can and stronger became the belief in self. All done with the help of people who constantly reminded of my being a female who is incapable to grow wings. I am sorry, I cannot prove you wrong, neither right, but am thankful that I have grown to love myself.

Valorous Bird’ now is the name of the blog. I changed the site address: and added tabs ‘Online & Offline’ and ‘Vivid’. They both are open for comments. To know more about the tabs, you can click on the specific words mentioned in the previous statement or can always type the address on the URL box and voila!

Lately, the connection between ‘Undressed Thoughts’ and ‘Me’ was breaking and the gaps were hovering over my head as question marks. The priority was to organize the desk which was a mess. It took me a few days of pondering and implementing.

Please do let me know, in the comment section below, your likes and dislikes about the new blog changes.

Much Love
Kritika- Valorous Bird

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