A Page Again

There is one more topic under consideration apart from this nouveau page which will be filled with books but not reviews. I am not good at reviewing a book. I can only tell if I found it happening or boring. A lady with a very few adjectives.

Used Books‘ is the name of the new page which you will find on the blog menu, published two days ago. This page currently has five books listed. I would like you to go through the page wherein you will find all the possible information I could think of. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any related query or if I am missing out anything. Comment section of the page will always be open.

The books listed has the author’s name above which will be linked to the profile pages of the respective authors for you to know about them well, if you would like to.

Do let me know what do you think about it in the comment section below.

‘Take care of yourself. If not you then who will?’

Much Love
Kritika-Valorous Bird

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The New

‘Facing the ocean, I do not want to gaze at its vastness but dive, to touch and feel its beauty.’


Cannot changed to can and stronger became the belief in self. All done with the help of people who constantly reminded of my being a female who is incapable to grow wings. I am sorry, I cannot prove you wrong, neither right, but am thankful that I have grown to love myself.

Valorous Bird’ now is the name of the blog. I changed the site address: valorousbird.wordpress.com and added tabs ‘Online & Offline’ and ‘Vivid’. They both are open for comments. To know more about the tabs, you can click on the specific words mentioned in the previous statement or can always type the address on the URL box and voila!

Lately, the connection between ‘Undressed Thoughts’ and ‘Me’ was breaking and the gaps were hovering over my head as question marks. The priority was to organize the desk which was a mess. It took me a few days of pondering and implementing.

Please do let me know, in the comment section below, your likes and dislikes about the new blog changes.

Much Love
Kritika- Valorous Bird

*Photo Credit: Photo by Rok Romih from Pexels Gallery

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“Being Bold Is The Solution To Many Of Our Problems”

— Kritika

Valorous Bird

I have been reading inspiring posts, written almost by every writer, whom I follow, on this platform. Reading does smoothen the creases but it would not be just if I leave the words as they are.

Akin to changes humans are, so are the thoughts. As time never stops, so are our experiences which gather and make our present.’


I erased ‘Undressed Thoughts’ because I changed. My everything is a reflection of who I am and now I feel myself to be a bird which knows no limits, free to fly, soar high. Unafraid and unknown of what hurdles actually are because I have understood that this is Life and it is how I perceive it, it is how I want to make it for me.

Thank you all for uplifting this soul and giving it strength by your enriching posts. Keep writing and keep motivating the people around.

All the best.


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