the poetry book; ‘Arete’ by Kate

Heartiest Congratulations to Kate who is the author of the book: ‘Arete‘. I have been reading her work since the time I began to write, I believe. It delights me to say that I had the privilege to read her work. Thank you much Kate for sharing with me this precious gift.

The acute yet neglected issues which the world suffers from in large, exists in an individuals life i.e. at the micro level. Unheard, leave a scar which with friction deepens that wound and the world suffers together. Capturing those minute details and presenting them aesthetically is what Kate does. She just writes it all and it hits the heart. I have been reading her work since I began here on WordPress and I have gathered that she knows everything. A great help from a far through words is magic and she does that magic. Her words would hit the heart and head.

There is so much about Kate that you would need to pick the book first. I bet it would not leave your head to ponder and do something.

The photography by the author herself is mesmerizing. The way each photo has been captured would make you to fall in love with the beauty around you. The capturing of the charisma is not an easy endeavor but Kate does it. She is calm and patient and I adore her in every ways.

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February, the 24th. 2022
Book Review

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The Sound of Brilliance is Live!

My last post on the anthology was My First. The pleasure of being in a book for a person, who writes, is exemplary. The enthusiasm is curtailed due to the current times but I know I would treat myself a good meal once the situation gets better and I am vaccinated. I sure am going out on a date with self.

I cannot thank you much Susi Bocks of IWriteHer. Your encouragement and support prompted me to submit the poems which you selected for this anthology. Your hard work made it possible for a person who was nowhere thinking about being in a book. You are the key to unlocking one of the greatest achievements for me to be one among the most prestigious poets and writers. Hugs and Love.

Read them now in hand or eBook, whichever mode suits you. You know what I still am unable to believe that my words made it on this anthology which is available on Amazon now. Links for both the formats are below:


Grab your copy to enjoy the pleasure of words weaved in different styles by different poets. I am going to have mine soon.

Be patient all is coming to you.

Kritika- Valorous Bird

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My First

Dear All,

Soon you would find two of my works in a book on which one of my favourite bloggers, Susi Bocks, is working. Last year I had submitted three poems out of which Susi, the Editor-in-chief of The Short Of It, chose two for the anthology. The cover page of the anthology is below.

A big surprise which Susi gave me for this New Year. It is still unimaginable for me to be present in a book.

Cover Page

You would find many incredible writers in the anthology of which I am honoured to be a part. A big thanks to all of the special people for encouraging me by liking and commenting on my posts. Thank you Susi for appreciating my work and surprising me with this never-to-be-forgotten gift.

More information on the anthology in the link: The Short of It – Anthology Update! – I Write Her

Loads of Love and Hugs

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