the frozen might start to melt

the frozen might start to melt with some words from you
flashes of your actions are making me to wonder why, what
happening is my smile, unknowingly, beautifully siding with the wave of hand
quizzical of the nomenclature, unconcerned about the heart breaking end
it is this stage, love is I want it to be inside me, let the other know not of
and if it is indeed, will speak with no force but only one drawing closer

Date Written: 03-04-2022
Style: Free Style

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2022 Copyright. All rights reserved by the Author.

Keeps Returning

if there is a way in which I can seek solace from the guilt returning to the clean plate over and over
repeating the once delicious dish which emptied the heart and left the stomach growling
oh the rise of desire to turn back time and slap the innocence which chimed
oh how much the hungry heart craves for never to have made that mistake which turned to series of regretful rhymes

poison me to dwindle the rising guilt
each time the name crosses the mind
and I become a stinging serpent
for another passer-by

Date Written: 19-07-2021
Style: Free Verse

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2021 Copyright. All rights reserved by the Author.

More Such Moments

By Kritika
Date: 05-09-2019 (Replay with changes)
Poetry Style: Free Verse

Eyes met eyes behind rimmed glasses
Both the individuals had glowing faces
Softly his old hands interlaced her fingers
Approval reflected by her head on his shoulder
Watching the setting sun and the sea together
The purity in love seemed to exist forever
Two old souls connected not by legality
But a desperation an individual seeks
Smiling comfort was their posture language
Together they were having one clubbed sandwich
Sun waved ‘bye’ ready to join the night band
They stood up dusting each others butt smeared in beach sand
Started walking with hand in hand
Childishly they swayed the interlaced fingers
One of them was the writer and the other was a singer
Singing beautiful songs to her while walking
Her body grooving with pointed feet covered in stockings
Some salsa steps they performed on the beach
Like the childhood days they wanted to touch and reach
They passed through my eyes exiting the beach
Hope their privacy was not breached
My eyes agog to each of their moments
Thinking my old self to romantically be involved in more such moments

2021 Copyright
All rights reserved by the Author.

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