The Traveler

By Kritika
Date: 5th May 2021

The traveler gazed at it with twinkling eyes. The grandeur bathing in the morning Sun’s warmth with clear skies symbolizing the perfect day for a traveler not to hide. Having gone through the pages of history, the curiosity of knowing the attached mysteries consumed the traveler’s mind.

Alka Jha from Unsplash

The slow movements of the finger tips touched the limestone structure. Trying to inhale the smell of its presence the traveler sighed and cried, ‘What about the deadly virus outside? When will I feel alive?’

Angrily leaving the arm chair, the traveler with the camera went outside and took pictures of the sky.

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In response to the prompt by Sadje’s: What do you see # 80 – May 3, 2021 – Keep it alive (


Cannot stop the forward movement of the two hands inside the clock. The machinery made to value its beauty and it never wants you to be disappointed rather it pushes you to utilize it as your heart pleases.

It was Monday, 19th of April, when I gave time to admiring the Bougainvillea on terrace. The softness of the transparent petals blend with the colour of the sky reflecting a lighter and brighter tone. I know not how it happened but the moon was inside the grid, in one of the photos. Then was inveigled to making sure it was present in all my photos.

Date: 19th April 2021 (1)
Date: 19th April 2021 (2)
Date: 19th April 2021 (3)
Date: 19th April 2021 (4)

Spotting the moon is easy in all and my editing made a huge impact on the photos. It was the first time I edited them like a pro and was pleased with my efforts. The dirt on my jeans and hair was a proof of sincerity towards the art of placing the Moon.

Date: 19th April 2021 (5)
Date: 19th April 2021 (6)

Just go with the flow, open your heart and embrace the treasures the nature is offering. There is a lot much in the present to learn, future will praise you for your present efforts.

My Laptop’s Wallpaper
Date: 19-04-2021 (7)

Ain’t the photographs mesmerizing. I so loved the moon and wished to reach for it which was possible through photography.

Waiting is wasting.

Kritika-Valorous Bird

2021 Copyright
All rights reserved by the Author.