the song bird

music chimes around me
within me, is a search
rhyming, diving in the pool of innocence
it surely can be heard

answer to the query
do not leave it unheard
let the mind play its game
tame it and be the song bird

Date Written: 02-04-2022
Style: Free Style

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Wealthy Asset

By Kritika
Date: 01-06-2021
Poetry Style: Nonnet

a wealthy asset for human self
naturally boosts endorphins
therapy for mental health
organize arguments
a proven healer
life saver

2021 Copyright
All rights reserved by the Author.

During bedtime, often I listen to the sounds of nature or the Indian Flute to fall asleep. Do you listen to any type of music during bedtime?

Do read the article to heal self: The Benefits of Music: How the Science of Music Can Help You (

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LasT niGht

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Last Night

last night
I heard your
charming music
imprisoning my senses


I preferred to soak
in your
affectionate beauty
whilst dancing with pride


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