a gust of lust by bree and kritika

touched by freedom
while inhaling the tranquil sea
the bikini clad body, electrified by a need
eyes looking at eyes filled with an awaited desire
the water between his hands and her breasts
aroused the fire

the wind in her hair 
salt on his lips 
earthy elements beheld in tandem 
they were waves in motion inching towards the shore 
closer, closer the pull to be closer 
the primal need became a roar 
they needed to touch and do so much more

a gust of lust, a churning ache 
the two connecting amongst the break 
and drowning in each other 
under the love found there 
between sex and salty water 
and the tranquil sea air

Bree of Secret Thoughts Within

Thank you so much Bree for this beautiful work together. It always is a happening affair to work with you. That much awaited to be posted, poem.

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Chapter 3: Painting

By Kritika
Date: 03-06-2021
Style: Haibun

Chapter 2 | Chapter 1 | Chapter 0

My arms melted in his warmth. Were we ever attached for this long? His tongue spoke of the divine love with mine. Halted only to speak, ‘I missed you all this time.’ But have not we met an hour ago? Saving my questions for later, I went with the flow of his hands.

What is happening to my life? How can I know why am I here? The itching questions woke me and I heard a voice calling my name. Kissing my merman’s face, I left his side and swam to find out.

Reaching the place where the vibrations of the voice ended, there was a box with a glowing ‘My Queen’ sign inscribed. The delicate design instigated me to touch it. As I laid my fingers, the box opened and I found leaves; golden leaves floating with words written on them. A white leaf caught my attention under which was kept a painting.

In between a lamp post and a tree, sat a lady in tears with a bottle in one hand. The description of the night looked similar. Holding the painting in hand, I exclaimed, ‘What the hell?’

‘Armor of the Sea
lost in the affairs of Land
Lamp and Tree, aided’
Thaumaturgy of Time

2021 Copyright
All rights reserved by the Author

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Chapter 2: Home in the Sea

By Kritika
Date: 21-05-2021

Chapter 1 | Chapter 0

The tears dissolved as the body completely submerged in the sea. Comfortability of home steadily opening the blocked pores left a smile of satisfaction on my face and the warmth of liveliness filled me.

Unbeknownst of the song of the sea, I swam to places which made alive the life when I lived like the Queen. Being greeted by every passerby, they all were eager to know where was I, giving me the feeling of a huge time gap. My handsome man was following me patiently.

The last place where the mermaid bodies stopped was a home; our home in the sea.

2021 Copyright
All rights reserved by the Author

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