the phone that rings not

the phone that rings not
waits for the unknown caller’s call
ringing to shower blooms of love
sure to not be a lone wolf in the herd

not the phone
but the owner’s heart hops
will the other or the other will not?
such rendezvous exists as a knot

and the owner
wishes to savour
these waiting moments
till a poetry unlocks

Date Written: 20-04-2022
Style: Free Verse

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Warm Water

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The warmth of the water
loosens the tightly tied thoughts
slaking the thirst of the mind,
a battle well fought.

The thoughts conspiring
against the body leaving it weak and sore  
Balmy warm water
acting as a satisfying paid whore.

Professional and personal life
one cannot disengage
Time passes by pleasing others
without rage
No matter how hard you try
you are no sage.

Selfishness becomes the main urge
Bathing with warm water
after beastly workouts
rejuvenating the mind
with body finding its true worth.


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