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Valorous Bird

flapping her wings to write ks' heart


  • life

    ruthless with technologyeasier with it might have becomethis dress looks prettier on the outsidekilling with the itching and pinching cloth closeness to mankindwhereto has it gonethe feeling of one’s skinit is long foregone ‘Now’ has become so tightsuffocating the speech has becomeeven before calling a humana prior text to ask for time if it has… Continue reading

  • diSapPeaR


    not the stars but the man made lightunder which I planned to read whole nightabsorbed in J.K. Rowlings writeappearance of the magical words in sight suddenly, the disappearing ink in the next pagetransforming the sparkling eyes to rageelectronic paid media is the ongoing stagebut hard copy is best over the tech age byKritika In continuation… Continue reading

  • ReaDinG niGht

    ReaDinG niGht

    tonightdedicated toscrolling electronic pagescarved majestically by author Rowling byKritika *Picture Credit:**Will this be called Elfchen or Elevenie? Please comment. Note from the AuthorCopyright 2020 (All rights reserved)Copying of the content and image is not permissible. The writers put their souls in writing a piece of literature. A prior permission of the author of the… Continue reading

About Me

Nothing helps me to feel; to feel that my presence is significant, and I am born for more. Trying is the better thing I rely on. Questions I carry many to which the answers slowly unfold with each passing moment bringing me closer to my unique self. A human lover, a believer of bringing a greater change in lives of the ones who would find that bond with me, a self-motivator because none knows who I am except for me and on a path which my heart wants to follow. The name is Kritika.