The Yoga Lair

Hi! My name is Kritika Maheshwari. I am a Certified Yoga instructor and a diligent Yoga Practitioner. Completed 200 hours of YTT from a Registered Yoga School under Yoga Alliance. A Masters in Commerce with Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations is my academic background which is coming handy.

Unfurling the beauty of your being by dipping self in its magical properties, is what will bring the peace you are in search for.

Online & Offline Packages


The first stage to getting closer to self. A beginner’s level stage wherein, the asanas will help you understand yourself better. You will feel motivated, confident, active yet relaxed. The vibrancy of your being will shine in the smile you will carry.
A 60 minute intense Yoga session. I bet to make you sweat.
Duration: Dedication, devotion and patience for three months to level up from the being you presently are.

Movement and Breath

Movement because its important but the most important is the functioning of cell which is dependent on the amount of air you inhale. Working on both will make you stronger, sharper and focused.
Still want to wait?
Duration: Dedicate three months to this program to experience the magic.

Special ‘Mud Yoga Roots’

Are you crazy about ‘inversions’? The upside down body, experiencing freedom leading to wisdom. Oh, its wonderful. Who would not love to experience this treasure.
Come on for ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall.’
Workshops on different topics would be held to enhance the already engaged you. The announcement of it would be done a month prior to its deliverance.


Unaware of what health issues you are facing; Yoga acts as a catalyst, working alongside the medications, towards a better you.
Duration: Three Months of your dedication and devotion is required to have a healthier you.


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A new development in my writing and in my path of Yog. Interesting to write and read. Hopeful to be questioned by many. A glimpse of the November Volume 1.1 is below.

The other volumes are available on my Instagram Yoga Blog: @raw.kritika which showcases my practice. Have an amazing reading experience and a beautiful life ahead.