will it be a mistake
or it’s just that I am afraid
for I can see the future spent alone
happy and content in a self built home


wait and see how the events unfold
stop creating a stressful threshold

Date Written: 09-04-2022
Style: Free Style

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2022 Copyright. All rights reserved by the Author.

21 thoughts on “again…

  1. waiting, letting go of the stress is sure healthiest … I remain happily single and too many landlords reminded me that I made a very wise decision! You may get lucky but you need to let go of expectations first … they make one seem desperate 😦

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    1. I agree completely that expectations, desires play no role. Present and now is the only truth I hold. Let the future be secretive and filled with fabulous surprises for each one of us. Thank you much kindly for the thoughtful words πŸ™‚ (hearts)

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